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Why is it important to drink alkaline water?
Stress, pollution and a poor diet can lead to an imbalance in pH levels in our bodies causing acidic accumulation. This has dire consequences on our health. When our body chemistry is off, everything is affected, including digestion, immunity, circulation, hormone production and metabolism. Alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH to an optimal level. It neutralizes the acidity of our bodies that is a result of our daily actions and environment. (Changed to acidity so you don’t use environment twice. Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for and neutralizing free radicals that are harmful to your body. It seeks out free radicals and converts them into oxygen which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation. It also offers superior hydration through ionization, which forms water into micro clusters that are more easily absorbed at the cellular level.

How is Alkaline water created?
All the devices that generate alkaline water and are available commercially use the system of electrolysis of water by using direct current. However, there are diverse methods of generating alkaline water other than the method of electrolysis. One of the most effective methods developed by South Korean scientists is to use natural minerals. There are minerals in nature that convert water into alkaline water by generating hydrogen when the minerals come in contact with water. Dr. Alkastone water bottle has 16 (!) minerals that purify and enhance your water and work to this end.

What kind of water should I use for Dr. Alkastone bottle?
Dr. Alkastone bottle creates alkalized antioxidant water with any type of water that you pour in it. We recommend using filtered water. Dr. Alkastone filter contains 8 components that purify water. So it is really your choice and dependent on what you have available at your place of residence. Should you not have a water filtration system installed at home, tap water should be fine.

How long does it take to alkalize the water and how high does the pH increase?
With Dr. Alkastone, the water gets alkalized as quickly as 15 minutes. According to South Korean scientists, the optimal results are achieved between 15 minutes to 3 hours. Dr. Alkastone filter might increase the pH up to 9 pH, depending upon the source water.

What is pH?
pH is a figure expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a logarithmic scale on which 7 is neutral, lower values are more acid, and higher values more alkaline. A Dr. Alkastone bottle creates alkaline water that is not only beneficial for your health, but tastes better too; so even if someone is not a big water drinker you may be surprised out how their routine changes with a Dr. Alkastone bottle.

What is ORP?
One of the characteristics of water containing dissolved molecular hydrogen (such as ionized water) is that it exhibits a negative oxidation-reduction potential (O.R.P.). The ORP measures the capacity of water to either release or accept electrons from chemical reactions. The ORP value, much like pH, is important for determining water quality and for water treatment processes. Alkaline ionized water is an anti-oxidizing agent, as it has a negative ORP value and it is able to donate extra electrons to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals in the body. Most other types of water are oxidizing agents as their ORP is positive. Dr. Alkastone bottle decreases the ORP to a negative level to create antioxidant water.

How does Dr. Alkastone filter work?
Dr. Alkastone filter contains 16 natural minerals that are a true gift of nature. The beads are formulated to naturally revitalize and enhance your water. They are a blend of natural minerals that increases the pH and decreases the ORP to create alkaline and antioxidant water for superior hydration. The blend is composed of Bioceramics, Korean stone Aluna, Illite, Red clay, Zeolite, Tourmaline, Germanium, and Magnetite. Each mineral plays its own role in making you healthier. There are also 8 extra minerals that purify water and improve its quality. For years South Korean scientists in association with the Institute of Ecology and Water had been developing this unique purification and enhancement system that is now available to you.

What is the bottle made of?
Dr. Alkastone water bottle is made of environmentally friendly high-quality materials. The body is made of TRITAN: durable, transparent material that is also used in the production of children’s utensils. It is BPA Free, BPS Free, and EA Free. The bottle has a cap with a lock that pushes up by pressing the button. It is safe to carry the bottle in a bag, purse or backpack - the water will never spill. The lock provides maximum protection. An aesthetically pleasing silicone sleeve that is pleasant to the touch for added grip and slip protection.

How long does Dr. Alkastone filter last?
The filter’s lifespan is 1 year (!) if you consume the recommended amount of water (3-4 bottles per day). Filters are always available online and are easy to replace - no additional tools are required. Replacing the filter within the intended lifespan will ensure you are able to consistently create and drink optimal alkaline water.

Why should I use Dr. Alkastone instead of buying bottled alkaline water?
There are 3 main reasons why Dr. Alkastone works better for you. First, you create high quality alkaline water wherever you go. Secondly, you save money. On average the cost of a water bottle is $1, so if you drink the recommended amount of at least 5 bottles per day, your total cost is $1825 per year! Thirdly, you do not contribute to plastic pollution. Our planet is our home.

How do I take care of the bottle?
It is VERY easy and requires minimum effort. Once a day (optional): rinse with tap water. Once a week: fill the bottle with 1 cup of tap water, add 2 tablespoons of a mild vinegar solution, shake the bottle vigorously until the liquid foams for 30 seconds – 1 minute. Empty the bottle and rinse it well a few times with tap water. Fill the bottle with water and leave for at least 15 minutes before drinking. Once a year: replace the filter.

What type of vinegar should I use to revitalize the minerals?
You can use any type of mild vinegar solution. Our team likes to use apple or rice vinegar that you can find in any grocery store.

Is the bottle dish washer safe?
Yes, the Dr. Alkastone water bottle is dishwasher safe, just remove the filter prior to placing the bottle in the dishwasher.

Can I place the bottle in the freezer or microwave? 
We do not recommend placing Dr. Alkastone bottle in the freezer. However you may put it in there just a for a few minutes to cool down the water. Please do not keep it in there longer than 5 minutes. Do NOT put the bottle in the microwave. 

How much water can the bottle hold?
In order to keep you hydrated for hours and for your convenience Dr. Alkastone bottles come in 2 sizes - 600 ml (20.3 oz) and 450 ml (15.2 oz).

When should I expect my water bottle to ship?
Orders are shipped within several business days. However for countries other than the US, Canada and Mexico it might take longer shipping time. 
FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING within the US, Canada and Mexico. 
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